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Properties for Engineering Design

An integral part of the design community

Understanding material behavior is fundamental to the design of new products, especially when using materials such as plastics, rubber, foams, composites, ceramics, paper, fabrics. DatapointLabs provides you with accurate characterizations to help you achieve your goals

TestPaks®unleash the power of your CAE programs

Structural analysis (FEA), injection-mold analysis, computational fluid dynamics (CFD) and other CAE programs rely on precise representations of material behavior. At DatapointLabs, we have streamlined the art of material modeling for CAE into an efficient process that consistently delivers accurate results. We have developed TestPaks® for your programs in cooperation with leading software vendors. Rely on our expertise to help you select the right material models, generate the right data and get it into your programs, seamlessly.

Database properties may not be right for you

Properties in material databases are “stylized” data; properties generated under very specific laboratory conditions. They have been generated for purposes of comparison, but not necessarily for design. The properties of materials can vary significantly with factors such as temperature, rate, molding conditions, pre-cycling and environmental exposure. It is impossible to find a database that quantifies all these effects. TestPaks® allow you to develop material models that describe the behavior of your material under the specific conditions it will see in your application.


TestPaks for CAE, a web site hosted by DatapointLabs is focused on the material modeling needs of the CAE (Computer-Aided Engineering) community. The site contains discussions, articles and case-studies, plus an easy way to select and buy TestPaks® - material testing for the calibration of material models for your simulation.