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Creep testers


A creep apparatus is used to apply a specified constant load (stress) to the sample. Measurements of displacement are recorded at intervals throughout the duration of the test.

Due to the long term nature of creep testing it is necessary to speak to a sales associate before placing your order.

Operating range

Load range: 80N to 1745N
Equivalent stress: .5 MPa to 10 MPa,
using ASTM prism specimens 12.7 x 12.7 mm
Load range: 70N to 1745N
Equivalent stress: 3 MPa to 74 MPa
using ASTM slim specimens 4.850 x 4.850 mm
Temperature range: 0C to 100C

Load range: 2N to 50N
Equivalent stress: 1 MPa to 23MPa,
using standard ASTM or ISO flex bar
Temperature range: ambient to 140C

Load range: 25N to 1745N
Equivalent Stress: 2MPa to 42MPa,
using standard ASTM and ISO specimens Temperature range: 0C to 100C


creep strain vs. time, creep modulus vs. time, isochronous stress-strain curves