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Rheometrics ARES DMA


The Rheometric Scientific ARES is a mechanical spectrometer capable of subjecting a sample to either a dynamic (sinusoidal) or steady (linear) shear strain (deformation), then measuring the resultant torque expended by the sample in response to the shear strain. Shear strain is applied by the motor; torque is measured by the transducer.

Operating range

Temperature: -125C to 600C
Frequency: 0.01 to 500 rad/s
Steady or dynamic rotational modes
Torque range: 2 to 2000 gm-cm


visco-elastic measurements in the melt and solid state, creep and stress relaxation studies, time-temperature superposition and WLF parameter determination. Rotational cone and plate or parallel plate rheology in steady or dynamic modes with first and second normal stress measurements.