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Perkin Elmer DMA 7e


The Perkin Elmer DMA-7e Dynamic Mechanical Analyzer provides the performance capabilities necessary for the characterization of a broad range of materials from soft, low-modulus samples such as elastomers, to stiff, high-modulus samples like composites, ceramics and metals. The instrument accepts a variety of fixtures and operates over a wide range of temperatures.

Operating range

Force: 0.003 N to 8.000 N
Frequency: 0.01 Hz to 61.0 Hz
Heating/Cooling Rates: 0.1C to 40C/min in 0.1C increments
Temperature: -70C to 500C


loss and storage modulus as a function of frequency and temperature
stress-strain and stress-relaxation curves
tensile, compressive, and flexural modes of deformation
linear and volumetric coefficients of thermal expansion and contraction

Tests performed with this instrument

Test ID Test name Quote
D-040 Volumetric Expansion Coefficient by DMA