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Testing for Consumer Product Development

This business is broadly classified into consumables and durables. The materials and design paradigms for each are different.

The consumables market places a high demand on plastic and paper packaging. Plastic components are blow molded or injection-molded with bottle caps, typically injection molded. Drop testing of these components is an important design requirement. Properties are needed for the simulation of all these stages. Storage of these products also places requires an understanding of the creep characteristics of the packages. Visco-elastic behavior is often characterized in this regard as well as classical creep

Also part of the consumables market are products like toothbrushes and razors which are designed with a high degree of precision. A wide range of design tools are used and the properties needed range widely, including properties for injection-molding, extrusion and non-linear structural analysis.

The durables market ranges from cell phones to computers to appliances. This market segment has sheet metal forming, injection molding and computer chip design as manufacturing processes. Needed design properties include those for computer simulation of sheet metal forming, injection molding and chip overmolding. Additionally, FEA methods are used for drop testing, non linear NVH, fatigue and creep assessments.

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