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All TestPaks

Test ID Test name  
G-000 Moldflow/C-MOLD Filling  
G-001 Moldflow/C-MOLD Filling + Juncture Losses  
G-002 Moldflow/C-MOLD Post-Filling  
G-003 Moldflow/C-MOLD Post-Filling + Juncture Losses  
G-006 Moldflow/C-MOLD Uncorrected Isotropic Shrinkage  
G-007 Moldflow/C-MOLD Uncorrected Anisotropic Shrinkage  
G-009 Moldflow/C-MOLD Mechanicals for Uncorrected Anisotropic Shrinkage  
G-010 C-MOLD Filling/Cooling  
G-011 C-MOLD Filling/Cooling + Juncture Loss (Bagley correction)  
G-012 C-MOLD Post Filling for Amorphous Plastics  
G-013 C-MOLD Post Filling + Juncture Loss for Amorphous Plastics  
G-014 C-MOLD Anisotropic Shrinkage & Warpage (Amorphous Plastics)  
G-015 C-MOLD Isotropic Shrinkage & Warpage (Amorphous Plastics)  
G-017 C-MOLD Post Filling for Semi-Crystalline Plastics  
G-018 C-MOLD Anisotropic Shrinkage for Semi-Crystalline Plastics  
G-114 Moldflow CRIMS Shrinkage  
G-115 Moldflow CRIMS Shrinkage + Juncture Losses  
G-116 Moldflow MF/Stress Anisotropic  
G-117 Moldflow MF/Stress Isotropic  
G-120 Autodesk Helius PFA  
G-150 Moldex3D Flow/Cool  
G-152 Moldex3D Flow/Pack/Cool  
G-154 Moldex3D Flow/Pack/Cool/Warp (Isotropic)  
G-155 Moldex3D Flow/Pack/Cool/Warp (Anisotropic)  
G-158 Moldex3D Isotropic Mechanical Properties  
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