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Other Tests

Test ID Test name  
C-120 Environmental Stress Cracking (ESCR)  
D-018 Moisture Analysis  
P-110 Heat Aging  
SC-101 FTIR Analysis  
SC-102 FTIR with EDS  
SC-103 Pyrolysis Mass-Spec Analysis  
SC-104 FTIR (micro) with EDS  
SC-105 Ash Content by Muffle Furnace  
SC-107 Flammability  
SC-120 Odor Test  
SC-201 Molecular Weight by GPC  
SC-210 Fogging Test  
SC-211 Thermal Oxidative Stability  
SM-210 Optical Haze / Optical Transmission  
ST-308 Mold Shrinkage  
Z-996 Data Unit Conversion  
Z-998 Data Analysis  
Z-999 Custom Test