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Test ID Test name  
G-250 Cadmould Filling  
G-251 Cadmould Packing  
G-260 SIGMASOFT Thermoplastic: Unfilled Amorphous Material  
G-262 SIGMASOFT Thermoplastic: Filled Amorphous Material  
G-264 SIGMASOFT Thermoplastic: Unfilled Semi-Crystalline Material  
G-266 SIGMASOFT Thermoplastic: Filled Semi-Crystalline Material  
G-268 SIGMASOFT Elastomer: Standard Filling + Curing  
G-270 PlanetsX Flow / Pack / Cool (Thermoplastic Resin)  
G-271 PlanetsX Flow / Pack / Cool / Warp (Thermoplastic Resin)  
G-274 PlanetsX Flow / Pack/ Cool (Thermosetting Resin)  
G-275 PlanetsX Flow / Pack/ Cool/ Warp (Thermosetting Resin)  
G-310 POLYFLOW Extrusion (Viscous Isothermal)  
G-312 POLYFLOW Extrusion (Viscous Non-Isothermal)  
G-314 POLYFLOW Extrusion (Iso-Thermal Viscoelastic)  
G-315 POLYFLOW Extrusion (Viscoelastic)  
G-320 POLYFLOW Thermoforming (Isothermal)  
G-321 POLYFLOW Thermoforming (Non-Isothermal)  
G-330 POLYFLOW Blow Molding (Isothermal)  
G-331 POLYFLOW Blow Molding (Non-Isothermal)  
G-350 Polycad  
G-360 VEL Basic  
G-361 VEL Basic + Melt Thermal Properties  
G-362 VEL Basic + Melt & Solid Thermal Properties  
G-363 VEL Basic + Normal Stress & Elongational Viscosity  
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