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All TestPaks

Test ID Test name  
G-370 Altair Inspire Extrude  
G-380 WinTXS Melt Only TestPak  
G-382 WinTXS General TestPak  
G-390 PELDOM Isothermal TestPak  
G-392 PELDOM Non-Isothermal TestPak  
G-393 PolyXtrue Extrusion TestPak  
G-394 PolyXtrue Extrusion Economy TestPak  
G-410 FIDAP CFD Isothermal  
G-430 Universal TestPak-Elastic Plastic Model  
G-432 Universal TestPak-Hyperelastic (Incompressible)  
G-434 Universal TestPak-Hyperelastic (Compressible)  
G-460 Universal TestPak-Rate Dependent Model  
G-510 PAM-CRASH Strain Rate Dependent Foam  
G-520 PAM-CRASH Strain Rate Dependent Isotropic Material  
G-540 PAM-FORM Isothermal Forming  
G-542 PAM-FORM Non-Isothermal  
G-550 PAM-Comfort Cover (Static)  
G-551 PAM-Comfort Padding (Static)  
G-552 PAM-Comfort Foam (Static)  
G-553 PAM-Comfort Foam (Dynamic)  
G-600 Altair Radioss Elastic Material Model (Law 1)  
G-601 Altair Radioss Johnson-Cook Quasi-Static Material Model (Law 2)  
G-602 Altair Radioss Tensile Rate Dependent Model (Laws: 2, 36, 44)  
G-603 Altair Radioss Quasi-Static Foam Material (Law 70)  
G-604 Altair Radioss Rate Dependent Foam Model (Law 70)  
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