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Test ID Test name  
M-425 Izod Pendulum Impact  
M-426 Instrumented Izod Pendulum Impact  
M-427 Charpy Pendulum Impact  
M-428 Instrumented Charpy Pendulum Impact  
M-502 Flexural Fatigue  
M-504 Flexural Fatigue S-N Curves  
M-508 Tensile Fatigue S-N Curve  
M-509 3 pt. Flexural Fatigue S-N Curve  
M-512 Tensile Fatigue  
M-515 Tensile Fatigue E-N curve  
M-600 DMA - Tensile/Compressive ( 0.1-100 Hz)  
M-600t DMA- Tensile/Compressive Mastercurve  
M-601 DMA - Torsional (5 Temperatures, 0.1-500/s)  
M-602 DMA - Flexural (0.1-100 Hz)  
M-603 Shear Modulus vs. Temperature by DMA  
M-604 Flexural Modulus vs. Temperature by DMA  
M-605 Tensile Modulus vs. Temperature by DMA  
M-606 Compressive Modulus vs. Temperature by DMA  
M-610 Stress Relaxation/ Creep Compliance by DMA  
M-611 Stress Relaxation/Creep Compliance by Time Sweeps  
M-615 Creep-Relaxation by DMA-tensile, compressive or flex  
M-620 Dynamic Hysteresis Loop  
M-621 Cyclic Mullins Effect  
M-622 Cyclic Hardening Stress-Strain  
M-623 Cyclic Damage of Plastics  
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