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Test ID Test name  
G-605 Altair Radioss Rate Dependent Foam Model with Unloading (Law 70)  
G-606 Altair Radioss Hyperelastic Model (Law 42, 69)  
G-607 Altair Radioss Hyperelastic Model with Viscoelasticity (Law 42)  
G-610 EXTRUD Extrusion (Non-Isothermal)  
G-653 SolidWorks Nonlinear Elastic  
G-654 SolidWorks Plasticity von Mises  
G-660 SolidWorks HyperElastic Ogden and Mooney Rivlin  
G-662 SolidWorks Viscoelastic (Creep)  
G-680 Autodesk Inventor Isotropic Elastic Model  
G-705 Abaqus Isotropic Elastic Model (*ELASTIC)  
G-706 Abaqus Orthotropic Composite  
G-708 Abaqus Metal Forming (*ELASTIC *CREEP, OPTION=POTENTIAL)  
G-709 Abaqus Finite Elastic Plasticity (*HYPERELASTIC *PLASTIC)  
G-711 Abaqus Elastic and Plastic model (*ELASTIC *PLASTIC)  
G-712 Abaqus Rate Dependent Viscoplastic (*RATE DEPENDENT)  
G-720 Abaqus Hyperelastic Incompressible (*HYPERELASTIC)  
G-722 Abaqus Hyperelastic Compressible (*HYPERELASTIC)  
G-723 Abaqus Hyperfoam (*HYPERFOAM)  
G-724 Abaqus Crushable Foam (*ELASTIC *CRUSHABLE FOAM)  
G-725 Abaqus Crushable Foam with Rate Dependency (*ELASTIC, *CRUSHABLE FOAM, OPTION=RATE DEPENDENT)  
G-730 Abaqus Creep Model (*CREEP, LAW=TIME)  
G-740 Abaqus Stress Relaxation (*VISCOELASTIC, TIME=RELAXATION)  
G-742 Abaqus Viscoelastic Model (*VISCOELASTIC)  
G-743 Abaqus Non-Linear NVH Model - Rubber and Foam  
G-744 Abaqus Creep (*VISCOELASTIC, TIME=CREEP)  
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