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LS-DYNA has available a large number of material models for a wide variety of materials. The TestPaks below are available for the more commonly used situations. DatapointLabs is able to calibrate other DYNA models. Contact us for details.


TestPaks TestPak name  
G-770 LS-DYNA High Speed 3 Point Flexural Rate Dependent Model (MAT_019 or MAT_024)  
G-771 LS-DYNA High Speed Tensile Rate Dependent Model (MAT_019 or MAT_024)  
G-771V LS-DYNA Validated High Speed Tensile Rate Dependent Model (MAT_019 or MAT_024)  
G-772 LS-DYNA High Speed Foam Model (MAT_083 or MAT_163)  
G-776 LS-DYNA GISSMO Failure Model  
G-778 LS-DYNA SAMP-1 Semi-Analytical Model for Plastic (MAT_187)  
G-780 LS-DYNA Hyperelastic (MAT_027)  
G-782 LS-DYNA Hyperviscoelastic Rubber (MAT_077)  
G-784 LS-DYNA Simplified Rubber with Rate Dependency (MAT_181)  
G-790 LS-DYNA Forming (Barlat 3-parameter model: MAT_036)  
G-791 LS-DYNA Transversely Anisotropic Elastic Plastic (MAT_037)  
G-792 LS-DYNA Isotropic Elastic (MAT_001)  
G-793 LS-DYNA Plastic Kinematic (MAT_003)  
G-794 LS-DYNA Laminated Composite Fabric (MAT_054)  
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