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PELDOM is a general-purpose software, which can simulate a planar, axis-symmetric or three-dimensional non-isothermal polymeric flow taking into account the strain-rate-dependence of shear as well as elongational viscosity of the polymer. Since the software uses linear tetrahedral finite elements for flow simulation, flow through any complex geometry can be easily and accurately simulated by the PELDOM software. The software can also be used to estimate the elongational viscosity of a polymer from a knowledge of the entrance pressure loss in a capillary or slit rheometer. The PELDOM software is particularly useful for simulating elongation-dominated flows, such as the flows in various extrusion dies.

PELDOM is a Michigan Technological University based Extrusion simulation code that can be accessed on a consulting basis. Contact: Prof. Mahesh Gupta.


TestPaks TestPak name  
G-390 PELDOM Isothermal TestPak  
G-392 PELDOM Non-Isothermal TestPak  
G-393 PolyXtrue Extrusion TestPak  
G-394 PolyXtrue Extrusion Economy TestPak  

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