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SIGMASOFT® Virtual Molding’s approach is to consider all the components of the mold with their specific physical and thermal properties. Then, processing conditions are used and multiple consecutive cycles are reproduced virtually, representing what happens in the molding machine during the manufacturing process. With SIGMASOFT® Virtual Molding, this is done in the virtual world, accurately reflecting what will happen in the real world. This way, the same conditions that are found on the production floor are replicated virtually. Mold iterations and injection trials are performed independently, freeing up machine occupation, machine hours and personnel availability, while increasing safety, quality and reliability and reducing costs.

SIGMA® Plastic Services, Inc. supplies the polymer simulation software SIGMASOFT® in the US and provides support and training to SIGMASOFT® users. SIGMA also offers engineering services using its proprietary software.


TestPaks TestPak name  
G-260 SIGMASOFT Thermoplastic: Unfilled Amorphous Material  
G-262 SIGMASOFT Thermoplastic: Filled Amorphous Material  
G-264 SIGMASOFT Thermoplastic: Unfilled Semi-Crystalline Material  
G-266 SIGMASOFT Thermoplastic: Filled Semi-Crystalline Material  
G-268 SIGMASOFT Elastomer: Standard Filling + Curing  

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