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WinTXS version 3.0 is a one-dimensional computer-based modeling program to simulate the compounding of polymers and additives using co-rotating, intermeshing twin-screw extruders. WinTXS operates in all Windows platforms and is sold as a perpetual, permanent license. Manufacturing Productivity Solutions, LLC is the exclusive global distributor for all PolyTech products.

PolyTech's WinTXS Twin-Screw Extrusion Simulation Software has now been in use for almost 20 years and has more than 120 machine models in the current extruder database. WinTXS Version 3.0 incorporates all previous features of TXS for compounding process simulation for both unfilled polymers and filled compounds. Testpaks from DatapointLabs loads directly into the WinTXS Materials Database Editor. PolyTech offers a full service of professional consultation in process modeling and custom software development in the areas of polymer mixing and heat transfer in compounding equipment, devolatilization, reactive processing, etc. for intermeshing, co-rotating twin-screw extruders and counter-rotating twin-rotor (e.g. FCM) mixers. PolyTech has successfully modified and adapted WinTXS Twin-Screw Extrusion Simulation Software for customer-specific applications not presently supported. A Reactive Extrusion and a Devolatilization module are planned for WinTXS version 3.1.


TestPaks TestPak name  
G-380 WinTXS Melt Only TestPak  
G-382 WinTXS General TestPak  

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