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The PlanetsX CAE system for polymer processing analysis realizes a unified (seamless) simulation from plastic flow to mechanical properties of a product in the superior pre-/post-processing environment of ANSYS Workbench. With accurate material data and a proper data-fitting operation, this system provides mold/mechanical engineers with high-precision solutions to predict mold defects, i.e. warpage, sink, weld lines and air traps.

CYBERNET SYSTEMS, headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, was established in 1985.The Company provides best-in-class CAE solutions for plastic molding, mechanical and fluids analysis, process integration and design optimization, control design, formula manipulation, tolerance optimization, optical design, electronic and electronics design, visualization and multi-domain solutions. Visit for more information.


TestPaks TestPak name  
G-270 PlanetsX Flow / Pack / Cool (Thermoplastic Resin)  
G-271 PlanetsX Flow / Pack / Cool / Warp (Thermoplastic Resin)  
G-274 PlanetsX Flow / Pack/ Cool (Thermosetting Resin)  
G-275 PlanetsX Flow / Pack/ Cool/ Warp (Thermosetting Resin)  

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