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Orthotropic In-Plane Shear Modulus (Includes M-010, M-101)

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This measurement is a calculated value, utilizing the tensile moduli in the flow, cross flow, and 45 degree directions, as well as the Poisson's Ratio. This test includes tests [M-010] and [M-011] in the 45 degree direction, as well as test [M-101]. Samples are cut from molded plaques in a 45-degree angle off flow direction, flow direction, and transverse direction. The in-plane shear modulus is reported, along with modulus in flow and cross flow directions. Five replicates are performed.    
Tensile modulus in 2 directions, Poisson's ratio and in-plane shear modulus are reported. This data appears in Matereality as Tensile Properties and Shear Pr  
Replicates (# of times this test is repeated)  
18 - plaques (4 x 12in) [details]


The data are used in C-MOLD warpage calculations.