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Heat Transfer Coefficient

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This test measures the interfacial conductivity of a material using a guarded heat flow meter.  A sample measuring 2" in diameter is placed between the upper and lower plates of a guarded heat flow meter.  A thin layer of conductive grease is applied to the top and bottom of the sample and it is clamped in place.  The upper and lower plates are controlled at different temperatures, thus inducing heat flow through the sample.  A heated guard surrounding the sample reduces the lateral heat flow.  From the measure of heat flow, thermal conductivity is calculated. The test is repeated with the conductive grease on one side only and the additional effect due to the interfacial heat transfer coefficient is measured.  From the data that is collected, the heat transfer coefficient is calculated.    
ASTM E1530  
Heat transfer coefficient and thermal conductivity are reported. This data appears in Matereality as Thermal Conductivity.  
Replicates (# of times this test is repeated)  
2 - discs (50mm diam.) [details]


This test is useful when looking at the effects of various greases, lubricants, and coating materials on heat transfer properties.