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Static Die Swell/Sag by Laser Micrometry

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This test is performed on a capillary rheometer with a laser micrometer mounted directly under the capillary die to determine the increase in extrudate diameter. Extrudate is forced through a give length of 1 mm diameter die at a single shear rate and temperature while measuring the diameter of the extrudate. Extrudate is cut prior to entering the laser micrometer and allowed to continue to flow until reaching the base of the rheometer.    
Multiple temperatures and die configurations can be ordered to determine the effect of test conditions on sag.  
Extrudate diameter versus time is reported.  
Replicates (# of times this test is repeated)  
2 - kg of pellets [details]


This test is useful for determining the thinning of a material in molten state while sagging under its own weight.