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DMA Cone and Plate Dynamic Rheology (1 Temperature)

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A dynamic mechanical analyzer is used. A test specimen in the form of a circular disk is sandwiched between the cone and plate of the apparatus, at temperature.The cone is oscillated over a range of frequencies at constant strain and the torque transmitted through the specimen is measured. This is used to calculate the G and G curves, as well as a complex viscosity.    
Samples in powder, fluid or pellet forms can also be used.  
ASTM D4440  
ISO 6721  
Complex viscosity v. frequency is reported for each test temperature. The G' and G" data can also be supplied. This data appears in Matereality as Melt Rheology by  
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2 - molded discs (25mm diam.) [details]


The test provides a precise measurement of complex viscosity. The angle of the cone produces a constant shear stress throughout the sample. Zero shear viscosity, loss and storage moduli are results of this test.