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Matereality ANSYS DatabaseLite Upgrade

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DatabaseLite is a small, free material database that gives you the ability to explore the full power of linear and non-linear simulation within ANSYS. About 50 material models are available ranging from simple elastic to non-linear plasticity (MISO), fatigue, hyperelasticity, viscoelasticity, rate dependency (crash) and thermal. Materials include metals, plastics, foam, rubber. All data is pedigreed.

This upgrade gives access to a 2000+ material models master database that operates completely within ANSYS Workbench. The database is dynamic and constantly growing as more and more material data is added to the cloud.

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Use the included CAE Modeler software to create material models for ANSYS Mechanical from raw material data. A plug-in is available to use the Database and CAE Modeler within ANSYS Workbench.