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Thermal Conductivity (Solid)

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The K-System II is used to measure the thermal conductivity of the material at a single point in the solid state. The material is heated in the K-System barrel until it is molten. A probe is inserted into the material and a static load is applied to ensure contact between the probe and the material. The material is cooled to 30C or alternate desired temperature; the system determines the thermal conductivity at that temperature by measuring the temperature gradient after a voltage is applied to the probe.    
Temperatures below room temperature may be feasible; additional charges may apply. For materials that cannot be melted prior to testing, please select [T-107] or  
ASTM D5930  
Solid thermal conductivity is reported. This data appears in Matereality as Thermal Conductivity.  
Replicates (# of times this test is repeated)  
0.2 - kg of pellets [details]


Thermal conductivity is used in heat transfer calculations and for injection-molding and thermoforming and blow-simulations.