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Compressive Modulus

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A universal testing machine (UTM) is used to determine and report compressive modulus. Test specimens are right cylinders or prisms, 50 mm in length. For ASTM testing, 12.7 mm width x 12.7 mm thickness or 12.7 mm diameter specimens are preferred; for ISO testing, preferred specimens have 10 mm width x 4 mm thickness. Specimen is placed on lower platen; the cross head is lowered brought in contact. Test is initiated with cross head compressing at a constant speed. Compressive strain is measured using a compressometer. Five replicates are performed.    
A long compression specimen can be used upon request in conjunction with an antibuckling fixture.  
ASTM D695  
ISO 604  
Data see sample data  
Compressive modulus is reported. This data appears in Matereality as Compressive Properties.  
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6 - compression bars [details]


Compression tests provide a standard method of obtaining data for research and development, quality control, acceptance or rejection under specifications, and special purposes.