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Tear Strength of Rubber

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This test measures the force required to completely rupture or tear the specified test piece, as a continuation of the cut or nick initially produced in the test or completely across the width of the test piece.  The tearing force is applied by means of a universal testing machine (UTM), operated without interruption at a constant rate of crosshead traverse until the test piece is completely torn.  The force data collected by the UTM is used to calculate tear strength.    
Test options include trouser tear and bowtie test specimens. Each may produce a different result.  
ASTM D624  
Tear strength is reported. This data appears in Matereality as Tear Strength.  
Replicates (# of times this test is repeated)  
6 - tear strength specimens [details]


This test provides a measure of resistance to tearing action. It may also be used to illustrate characteristics of anisotropy in injection molded thermoplastic elastomers.