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PVT (Isobaric)

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A dried sample of approximately 1 gram is loaded into a sample cell, and placed in the PVT apparatus.  The machine is brought to the processing temperature, and isobaric data acquisition begins during the cooling process.  Readings of volume are taken by an LVDT for the specified pressure at temperatures ranging from process to 50°C.  Successive runs at up to 4 different pressures are performed. Included in the test price is a solid density measurement, as described in test [D-010].    
Isobaric runs can also be performed during heating.   
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Specific volume versus temperature graphs at different pressures are generated. This data appears in Matereality as Pressure-Volume-Temperature.  
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2 - parts, any shape [details]


Information about volumetric expansion as a function of temperature for various pressures in the solid and melt states can be determined from this test.  Also, compressibility in the two states at different temperatures can be obtained from this test. PVT data is essential for post filling injection molding simulation.