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Tensile Stress-Strain, Strength, and Modulus

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A universal testing machine (UTM) is used to determine modulus, tensile strength at yield or break, and stress-strain curves. The test specimen is loaded between the grips of the UTM. A mechanical (contact) or video (non-contact) extensometer is used to measure strain. The specimen is stretched at a constant speed while load and strain are recorded. The speed of testing is specified by the relevant standard.    
Measurements at speeds slower than 1 mm/min are feasible. Additional charges may apply for long duration tests or if test temperatures exceed 200C .  
ASTM D638  
ISO 527  
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Engineering and true tensile stress-strain data, strength and modulus are reported. This data appears in Matereality as Tensile Properties.  
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6 - tensile bars [details]


This test is used for design engineering and may be required for automotive certification.