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Flexural Creep

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A creep apparatus is used to apply a specified load (stress) to the sample. Duration of the test is typically 1000 hours (can go longer at client's request, with additional cost based on daily rate). Samples are typically flex bars. Specimen is placed on a test rack and connected to a dial indicator. A constant load is applied to the specimen using a stirrup located mid-span between test rack. Measurements of flexural strain are recorded at specified time intervals throughout duration of test. Two replicates are performed.

NOTE: Due to the long-term nature of this test it is necessary to speak to a sales associate before placing an order. Because the typical test duration is six weeks, priority and economy pricing are not available unless a shorter test duration is desired.
Duration of the test is typically 1000 hours. Tests can be carried out for longer at client's request, with additional cost based on a daily rate.  
ASTM D2990  
ISO 899-2  
Total creep strain v. time data are provided. This data appears in Matereality as Flexural Creep.  
Replicates (# of times this test is repeated)  
6 - flex bars [details]


This test can be used to find the creep modulus of a sample subjected to long term constant flexural loads. It can also be used on a finished product to determine if the part will fail under the specific conditions of the test. By measuring creep at multiple stress levels, isochronous stress-strain plots can be made.