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Thermal Conductivity Scan

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The K-System II is used to measure the thermal conductivity of the material at several points starting in the molten state and cooling through transition to solid state. The material is heated in the K-System barrel until it is molten. A line source probe is inserted into the material and a static load is applied to ensure contact between the probe and the material. The material is brought to the desired maximum temperature and cooled in steps to room temperature; the thermal conductivity is determined by measuring the temperature gradient after a voltage is applied to the probe at each aquisition temperature.    
Temperatures beyond 340C or below room temperature may be feasible; additional charges may apply. For materials that cannot be melted prior to testing, please select [T-108  
ASTM D5930  
Data see sample data  
Thermal conductivity v. temperature is reported. This data appears in Matereality as Thermal Conductivity.  
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0.2 - kg of pellets [details]


Thermal conductivity is used in heat transfer calculations and for injection-molding and thermoforming and blow-simulations.