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Bulk Compressibility of Solid Pellets

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The barrel of a capillary rheometer is loaded with a pre-weighed sample of the material in pellet form and allowed to reach the specified temperature. This temperature must be below the melt temperature to ensure the material is in solid form. The piston is brought down onto the sample and a specified load is applied; the displacement of the piston is recorded as a function of time. By knowing the diameter of cylinder and the height of the piston, the density versus time curve is determined. Two replicates are performed.    
Volumetric stress-strain data are provided. This data appears in Matereality as Compressive Properties.  
Replicates (# of times this test is repeated)  
0.5 - kg of pellets [details]


Data are used to determine the compression ratio in extrusion applications. It is also used in extruder screw simulations.