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Moldflow/C-MOLD Mechanicals for Uncorrected Anisotropic Shrinkage

Test ID  

This is a supplemental TestPak used to upgrade an existing Moldflow TestPak to add capability for a non-CRIMS Shrink/Warp simulation. Modulus in flow and cross-flow direction is measured along with Poisson's Ratio in the 1-2 direction and 2-3 directions and in-plane shear modulus. CLTE is also measured in the flow and cross-flow directions.    
Included Tests  
# Test Id Test Name
1x M-017 In-Plane Shear Modulus (Plate Twist Method)
1x M-101 Poissonís Ratio and Tensile Modulus
1x M-102 Poissonís Ratio and Tensile Modulus (2-3 Direction)
1x T-302 Thermal Expansion Coefficient by TMA (Anisotropic)
Directional modulus and Poisson's ratio plus shear modulus are provided. You can also create udb files using your Matereality CAE Modeler software.  
10 - plaques (4 x 12in) [details]
This TestPak collects all the mechanical properties needed to carry out a Moldflow uncorrected anisotropic shrink/warp simulation. It is to be used in cases where Moldflow flow, thermal and PVT data already exists.