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Moldex3D Flow/Pack/Cool/Warp (Isotropic)

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Properties needed to perform a Moldex3D injection mold-filling/packing/cooling simulation are generated. These include viscosity vs. shear rate at three temperatures (two in the processing range and one below); thermal properties and pvT data. Additionally properties are generated to account for shrinkage and warpage of the material. Modulus, thermal expansion and Poisson's ratio are measured in one direction. Because the material is assumed to be isotropic, these measured values are applied to other orientations.Viscosity data are fit to Cross-WLF Model and PVT data are fit to the Modified Tait Model.    
Included Tests  
# Test Id Test Name
1x D-020 PVT (Isothermal Heating)
1x M-101 Poissonís Ratio and Tensile Modulus
3x R-011 Capillary Rheology (1 Temperature)
1x T-015 Specific Heat
1x T-103 Thermal Conductivity Scan
1x T-303 Thermal Expansion Coefficient by TMA
Measured property data is provided. Material model files can be accessed directly from within Moldex3D by using your Matereality CAE Modeler ShowMe  
2 - kg of pellets [details]
5 - plaques (4 x 12in) [details]
This Testpak is used to simulate the filling, packing, cooling, and the final warp and shrinkage of an unfilled material. This Testpak is specifically intended for unfilled isotropic materials; if you believe your material may have different mechanical properties in different orientation please order [G-155] to account for these spacial variations.