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Moldex3D Isotropic Mechanical Properties

Test ID  

Mechanical properties of an isotropic material are included in this Testpak. Modulus, thermal expansion and Poisson's ratio in flow direction and in flow direction are reported for an isotropic material.    
Included Tests  
# Test Id Test Name
1x M-101 Poissonís Ratio and Tensile Modulus
1x T-303 Thermal Expansion Coefficient by TMA
Measured property data is provided. Material model files can be accessed directly from within Moldex3D by using your Matereality CAE Modeler ShowMe  
5 - tensile bars [details]
Properties required to perform shrinkage and warpage simulation of an isotropic material are provided in this Testpak. Please note that this data must be used in conjuction with fill, pack, and cool data availible in [G-152].