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VEL Basic + Melt & Solid Thermal Properties

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Properties needed for VEL modules that consider the polymers behavior in both the melt and solid state are generated. These include viscosity vs. shear rate at three processing temperatures; thermal conductivity vs. temperature, specific heat vs. temperature and heat of fusion, solid density , and melt density at the process temperature.    
Included Tests  
# Test Id Test Name
1x D-010 Solid Density
1x D-015 Melt Density
3x R-011 Capillary Rheology (1 Temperature)
1x T-015 Specific Heat
1x T-103 Thermal Conductivity Scan
Measured property data is provided. Viscosity data are fit using the VEL model.  
1 - kg of pellets [details]
2 - parts, any shape [details]
Simulations using the VEL Extruder and Chill Roll module which requires information on both the polymer's melt and solid state properties. Visco-elastic effects are assumed to be insignificant.