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MSC.MARC Isotropic Viscoelastic

Test ID  

This TestPak is used to specify the time dependent part of the material behavior of a small strain isotropic viscoelastic material. This TestPak includes measurements of relaxation moduli over a range of temperatures, providing a table of shear modulus vs. time.    
Included Tests  
# Test Id Test Name
1x M-611 Stress Relaxation/Creep Compliance by Time Sweeps
For the development of an Orthotropic model, contact DatapointLabs.  
Measured property data is provided.  
2 - torsional DMA specimen [details]
Data are used in structural analysis simulations to calculate the relaxation of parts with time. The instantaneous moduli for small-strain viscoelasticity are specified using the ISOTROPIC TestPak [G-901]. With this TestPak, only isotropic quantities can be specified.