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MSC.MARC Hyperelastic Model

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This TestPak includes uniaxial tensile and compressive stress-strain curves, planar tension stress-strain curves. The test results are given in engineering stress vs. engineering strain tables. Data is fit to a Mooney-Rivlin model or the appropriate hyperelastic model.    
Included Tests  
# Test Id Test Name
1x M-205 Tensile Properties of Elastomers
1x M-212 Compressive Properties of Elastomers
1x M-220 Planar Tension (Shear)
It can be used with the Hypoelastic model.  
Measured property data and model parameters are provided.  
6 - hyperelastic test specimens [details]
This TestPak is used to model a material exhibiting an elastic response up to large strains. It describes approximately incompressible hyperelastic behavior. Materials such as rubbers and elastomers are approximated well using this model.